View Full Version : FFXIV C90 Doujin post 1

08-20-2016, 02:32 AM
As mentioned, please do not distribute these doujins around (not like I can stop you anyway) but the less places its at, the less likely it will bother the author per say.

This is mainly to share with the community, and especially to those that support the site (aka patrons). But of course to the community that has brought forth many FFXI/FFXIV hentai doujins to this site over the past... decade? :csurprised2:

P.s. With patron donations, will maybe later on get a better scanner, the $40 scanner does a ok job, but it doesn't work well with large images (see example below)

If an author requests removal of their doujin, it will be removed also from the public section.

08-20-2016, 02:36 AM
As mentioned, please do not distribute everywhere, and promote the authors when they do sell via english dlsite etc. These scans are to both share with the community and promote art we rarely get to see (especially the past 2 years, of dozens and dozens of ffxiv/ffxi doujins we never got to see!).

P.s. Doujins under 15ish pages will be posted as individual pics, over 15ish will be a zipfile)

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