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04-30-2009, 06:59 PM
all Doujin Donations/progress well be Posted me by either Akumamoto (Aku) or my self.

Aku- I'm going to at least leave some info in here and we need to get some rules for the way we do the doujins and then get the polls running at them. I'm tempted to write as if Blade was calling himself a pretty, pretty princess, but that'd initiate bilious intentions. :x

Blade- and invoke my manly DRG wrath down upon you, the likes of witch have never been seen! now to business, if we get any kick back from Gulk's add campain for glory! :p I'll put it under the name Neko-sentai as the donator, we have been getting a little for random doujins too this well be put to doujins later on when and where needed and just incase.. if I forget who gave what exactly (cuz sometimes it's like a buck or 2 here and there ^^;) to me (dubt I'll forget but just incase) it'll also go in with the Neko-Sentai donation. once we get enough random donations for w/e and donations from adds we'll set up a poll and rules for voting on new doujin, so keep watching ^^

Akumamoto as of 01-30-2010:

I will update the index when I go to update it for Irojiro Misuran Tarutaru.

(SamuiFuyu (http://forum.neko-sentai.com/member.php?u=1906) Donations): $42.13 USD;
(Interests): Lilisette, Aphmau, Prishe, Jack O'Lantern, Doku Sasori