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Gulkeeva 12-20-2015 04:45 AM

Stuff that really pisses you off! The return of the rage
Always with the server issues, then again can't really afford to upgrade, only to keep the site going :clol:

catastrophie 12-21-2015 08:35 AM

Time to ruin the thread..

I am happy :chappy:

Gulkeeva 12-21-2015 01:27 PM


Originally Posted by catastrophie (Post 281227)
Time to ruin the thread..

I am happy :chappy:

No this is the anger thread, your supposed to be angry!:cangry:

Brayker 12-21-2015 05:38 PM


Originally Posted by catastrophie (Post 281227)
Time to ruin the thread..

I am happy :chappy:

You are NOT happy! You are mad as hell! You want to throw babies off of buildings, and roll puppies under moving cars you're so pissed off!:cangry:

Dark_Soriel 12-22-2015 08:41 AM

Ok, time for a serious post to open the ball. Trying to cure oneself of the most deadly sickness that exist, emotional lonelyness, by speaking with someone that you beleive will understand it only to see that poerson shut it's door and stay chained in it's own fears of being hurt by others. Only way of getting out of the emotional lonelyness sickness is by speaking and opening up. Hurts a lot when the other does not want to listen about it.

Marchien 12-22-2015 11:58 AM

Almost getting run over by someone in a huge hurry:csulk2:

Was going out for my evening jog and the walk light was green, but this guy stopped just in time to not hit me!:cangry:

kitkat 12-23-2015 12:04 AM

Stemming from last post...


On another note, running into constant RP issues on the Sim I frequent in SL. Several of them seem to be without conclusion simply because....I don't know. One of the RP going on had to be cut short due to RL need to leave with plan to finish within a week...which was a month ago. During the time the person I was to finish with seemed to avoid me like the plague....and even forgot about it entirely. Then he sets up a time to finish...and stands me up without so much as an message as to why. Thinking of voiding the scene if they agree to it, simply because it has an uncomfortable subject for me and I'm tired of not being able to wear certain clothing simply because the scene is unfinished.

Have other reasons too...but I don't even know why those reasons bother me much. I submitted a scene card showing Kali was actively looking for him and even left signs she'd been at the building of their territory rummaging around to find missing item. Nothing came of it. Not even a - hey, you want to finish since we are both on?

Instead he always ran away to a sky box and stayed there for hours before logging off. Just seems like a waste of time to even try if he'd rather go fuck someone when he is on. Guess that is the reason why I try to avoid ERP scenes when I do RP....
Got tired of waiting for him to show back up so sent him an IM and a Notecard requesting the scene be voided on the 13th of this month. A month after the scene began and had no progress despite talking to him OOC and leaving IC clues that my character was looking for his. He comes back finally over 10 days later, 5 after I sent void request......and stays on for 4 hours without so much as saying anything.

Then he is on again, for 2 hours...and still nothing. So I removed him off my list and sent another IM telling hem why I was removing him and that all development between his character and mine was voided in the scene along with any knowledge, and that he no longer had her teddy.

On top of that I removed another one, who was actually a very impressive RPer, all because he more or less didn't want to put forth any effort to court Kali over getting an easy fuck. He literally started a scene by casting a vine spell to ensnare my character, which I was allowing, but as soon as someone he knew he could fuck entered the scene area.....He stops casting the spell causing snare to wilt, turns to the other character that just entered, pulls her in close like a horny mutt with a growl, starts fondling her and talking about breeding her.

Was one of those 'What...just...happened?" moments. Really pisses me off when people you could enjoy Rping with seem to only want to RP with you so long as the people they can easily fuck aren't around, but as soon as they do it is like they go :itsrapetime: turn to the other person leaving you wondering what you did wrong. It is like no one wants to court another in the least. God forbid there be some lead in to why someone would entertain fucking your character over using a dildo to get off.:cdead2:

Marchien 12-23-2015 12:29 AM


Originally Posted by kitkat (Post 281266)
Stemming from last post...
Really pisses me off when people you could enjoy Rping with seem to only want to RP with you so long as the people they can easily fuck aren't around, but as soon as they do it is like they go :itsrapetime: turn to the other person leaving you wondering what you did wrong. It is like no one wants to court another in the least. God forbid there be some lead in to why someone would entertain fucking your character over using a dildo to get off.:cdead2:

Hmmm That sounds so lame, I am sorry to hear that Kitkat. :< His loss though! Look for someone who can control their testosterone ^^ They're a lot less focused yet still intrigued! :cquestion3:

As far as what pisses me off today? The pollution here. :cdead2:

kitkat 12-23-2015 12:42 AM

I wouldn't say less intrigued or focused so much as less patient. I don't like mixing RP with ERP in character unless there is a damn good reason for it. For that reason alone it means if you aren't willing to court my character and have lead in to the act...or she has a reason to seduce you...then getting to that point with her takes effort on their part.

I rp'd for years without ever needing ERP in the mix. That someone would fail to finish a scene or RP with you because they have to put effort into getting just lazy. And when they don't even talk to you is borderline offending. It pisses me off cause then it feels like they are only interested so long as they can get me to strip down and ass up with little effort. If they can't and someone else is on that will...they'll go to them in a heart beat even if mid scene with you.

My time is limited too asshole, don't waste it by being a fucking hornball that is going to disregard my efforts to rp with you by destroying the scen in one sentence and follow it up with another 6 sentences of you going full blown horny over someone who just got there.

Tucsoncoyote 12-24-2015 04:45 PM

The World's worst Parents.. They should be grounded.. For life..
Do ou guys really want to know what ticks me off hte most? Well, do you?

Alright here it is.. Parents who have no sense and either abandon or abuse or even kill their kids..

I can scite 3 cases at the moment..

Case number 1,: We go back to the 2nd of Deceember, the Place San Bernardio California. A terrorist attack kills 14 people and wounds some 20 others,of course the terrorists who were a husband and wife, were killed.. Sounds tragic alrredy right? Well they left in the care of the Male Shooter's family a 6 month old girl, They Literally went off on soome sort of Terror spree just so they could leave this kid to fend for herself (Luckily the Son's family are really loving folks.. and even the YOunger sister of the Male shooter wanted toadopt her.. But literally she's an Orphan, and will never know her parents..

Case Number 2, Jup to the LAs Vegas Strip as a 24 year old mother, literally takes her 1996 Cadillac and drives through a groud of peopplon a side walk.. Killing 1 and injuring close to 30.. and cops say this was an "Intentional act.."

Now what folks don't know is that the woman had her 3 year old daughter in the back seat of the car, and the poor girl doesn't even have the capacity to Understand that Her own Mother literally killed someone with a car, and then tried to play it off as nothging/ Right now she's facing 1 cound of murder, 30 counts of attempted Murder and at least 1 count each of Child Endangerment, and abuse.. (Heck no kid should go through that!) Yet this kid is now in the hands of Child Prtective services in Nevada, and let's hpe the mother gets a very very stiff sentence, and loses her rights to have tht child back or to be castrated so she can't have any more kids..

Then there's today, Case Number 3: and this one is the saddest as this is Christmas Eve, a time when kids should be happy, instead of dead.. (yes you heard medead..)

Now then the story is this.. The estranged mother of the children called 911, and as the county sherrifs here in Tucson Pulled up to a condo, a shot rang out, andwhen they went into the condo.. there's laying on the floor two girls ages 5 and 7, dead due to an Inflicted Gun shot wound, courtesy of their Father (that shot that the County Sherrif heard was the guy trying to take his own life (Maye he succeeded maybe not,

But it's these 3 cases, These three alone that really tick me off.. Why?" It's quite easy.. These were irresponsible Parens, On a major News Channel I actually commented that the Woman driivng the Caddilac won't get my vote for mother of theyear, and neither will the two terrorist being good parents either.. (and I know that the Muslim religion is in fact one that actually has parents loving their kids.. Not laving them abandoned..

But today's Issue? Well.. This one was the Cherry on top.. I mean sure the parents might be divorced (Actually theey were), and you shoululdn't use4 Kids as Target practice just becase you hat ethe child.. Children are supposed to ahve parens who love and care for them, but the parents should be setting examples.. not being childish themselves as tey jhvetheir own agenda to pla with.. And theydrag etheir kids into this.. this sickness..

YEs Parents like these are sick.. Sick, twisted, and totally demented.. These parents shouldn't ahve kids, because of these three instances.. well,towo kids are dead, anohter one is an orphan and the 3rd is in child protective services for the State of NEvada..

At least let's hope the two that are alive get happier and better homes than the two that got killed by their father..

I tell you folks.. People are going crazy in the world.. and a lotof them are in fact. Parents.. (If my parents were like that, I'd have them really psychoanalyzed. and have Shrinks pick their brains..

But in the end, it's these lowlifes and filth that hurt kids that makes me want to puke..

That's what Pisses me off the most.. especially when it's right aobut the happiest time of the year when people should be celebrating instead of dying..

*Takes deep breath* Okay.. I'm done venting..


kitkat 12-25-2015 08:37 AM

Be glad you don't work in corrections, as a public defender, or as a psychologist then. The things you find out are astonishing about some of these people, and at the end of the day you need to put your personal feelings aside and still perform your sworn duties.

Working visitation I see everything, I have to in order to do my job. There are many cases that had I never seen I wouldn't have otherwise known why he was in. It leaves you jaded, knowing that they may be in for breaking their infants legs, they couldn't keep their hands off little kids - even their own, or that they beat their wife so badly it ruptured her bladder and caused complications that eventually killed her less than a year later.

There is a reason these jobs aren't for everyone, because some can't handle knowing that and hide it all behind a facade to ensure that person is represented, helped through mental issues, or kept safe from other offenders while incarcerated. I've many more worse than those mentioned, and at the end of the day I can still do my job. Not because I'm heartless, or that I condone what was done, or even because I don't care - it is because I took an oath to perform my duties, and when the day comes that I find I can no longer do that.....I know where the door is.

I agree with you however, there is a lot wrong with society today. The lack of guidance from a parent though is not always something within their control. There are many that work so much they rarely get to see their children and it is all just to barely squeak by financially. This doesn't mean they can ignore being a parent, but it is stressful and nerve wracking in the end. What really needs to happen is that there is an adjustment of economical scale as well as population control, but these are things too hard to enforce. Economical overhaul requires that bgi money lobbiest have to actually spend money on something other than keeping themselves rich. Population control means people have to be faced with major moral implications that are conflicting based on their beliefs. Sadly this is not an easy thing on either front...and would ultimately lead to a significantly higher parental influence.

It used to be that it took a neighborhood to raise a child, now days it is more or less give them the internet, smartphone, or video game system and tell them to behave...yet do nothing major if they don't. Some even get angry at the reason who they got in trouble with over the reason for them deciding to get in trouble just so they could blame someone else.

Gulkeeva 12-28-2015 08:27 PM

So friday was about 73F, nice weather and all

Saturday was 80F with tornado warnigns going off all day

Sunday was flash flood warnings and 50F

and monday is like 30F and freezing ...


pesmerga 12-28-2015 09:35 PM

Sounds like Michigan weather. Just not all in one day like Michigan...

OliveOiled 12-29-2015 12:41 AM

Have to deliver newspapers to an area before 5AM else I can't get in. Period. The truck that brings us newspapers for delivery arrives at 4AM. Story of my life the past two weekends, I hope the reason for the hold-up gets fired or fixed. They showed up at 5AM saturday/sunday 3 weeks ago.-_-

Nattack 01-11-2016 04:21 PM

cat peed on my fitbit

cannot get the smell out of the plastic part. I've used everything from vinegar to enzymatic cleaners to baking soda paste.

actually, i think the urine smell is gone, its all the deodorants that claim to get rid of pet odours mixing together now.

last option is soap and bleach. I'm just afraid of how far i can push the splash resistance.

catastrophie 01-12-2016 08:37 AM

So after many failed attempts to find a 2.5in hdd at my local store some 2TB models showed up, and I bought the shit out of them.

So my old laptop has duel 500gb hdds and win 7 and I wanted to update the system .... soooooooooo I downloaded a clean install version of win 10 and swapped the drives out and installed .... now comes the fooktarded part.

Because I didn't install win 10 on the 500gb first my free upgrade doesn't work with my product key............................................. so in a fit of epic patience I reinstalled the old OS drive and fired it up ... getting past a few odd drive errors (repair tool fixed) I am now pointlessly updating my system so I can trigger the Free upgrade ....

Now the minefield I haven't tap danced into yet ... what happens when I do the free upgrade and swap out the drive ... will win 10 go ...easy enough, or will it go TOO MUCH HARDWARE CHANGE ...

If that happens I will have to wait until I get back the U.S. and find my recovery disc and install win7 on the new hdd to upgrade from there OR give up and just buy a different laptop.

Gulkeeva 02-07-2016 12:57 AM

So I'm getting these short little like "Japanese tests" to get you sort of familiar to wording, and one the tests, uses a bunch of words and phrases that don't include the words in the phrases, so its a bit confusing! :cdead2:

Dark_Soriel 02-11-2016 08:57 AM

The ''Come here'' or ''Come upstair'' my familly shoots at me from the top of the stairs when I'm fapping. They shoot those 4-5 times, even when I say that I cant go upstair! It makes me feel like a dog each time they shoot those!

Gleason 02-19-2016 04:00 AM

They cast Abbey Lee as the "female lead, Tirana" for The Gunslinger movie.

Much like with Tauriel in the Hobbit movies, THEY NEED TO QUIT MAKING UP CHARACTERS AND STICK TO THE FUCKING STORY. We don't need a romance subplot. Roland's past romance; the story tells us why.

(and yes there is a Tirana in 1 scene in book 7 but AGH this isn't hollywood adaption this is just stupidity)

Gulkeeva 02-19-2016 04:02 AM

The packages some stuff you get these days... basically requires a chainsaw to open, or a lot of stabbing with a knife because the packaging is like bullet proof plastic almost.

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