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Craene 05-20-2020 01:03 PM

Very basic Hume Hair Request!!
Hello! Thank you in advance and hopefully someone with a moment of time on their hands may be able to assist but I have a very minor request and I*d be forever grateful if someone were able to fill it! Can someone take Hume male face 5 and apply the lighter hair from face 8 to cover that stupid tattoo? That*s it!!! I would honestly be overwhelmingly grateful. If I knew a thing about creating .dats myself I*d give it a shot.

Kireek 05-22-2020 01:42 PM

Something like this sounds simple but it's not really, the loop is an additional piece that is missing from the other head and the texture layout is totally different. You can't just copy and paste it over, so it's gonna look different when you fiddle around with it to make it fit.

I made a fairly quick attempt but gave up since I couldn't get it to look right.

Craene 05-22-2020 01:55 PM

That*s actually pretty good. I didn*t care so much about the hair loop as covering the tattoo. Realistically I would take any hair on that face. If the short dark haired model is easier or just a custom made up hair, that would be fine. Just looking for like... brown hair of some sort to cover the head tattoo!

Kireek 05-22-2020 02:37 PM

Well if it's just hair you want that's easier, hows this

Craene 05-22-2020 03:11 PM

More than I could have hoped for. It*ll do the trick perfect! Super excited and grateful for your work. I don*t wanna push my luck, but any way to get rid of the soul patch? Don*t care if it leaves a shadow on the chin. Just not the black line. Obviously, if not, no biggie whatsoever.

Kireek 05-22-2020 05:19 PM

There's 3 mods in the zip, variations of the beard as shown in the picture.

Craene 06-04-2020 03:26 PM

Was this taken down from your drive? Tried downloading it again today on my other cpu and it doesn*t seem to work

Kireek 06-09-2020 09:23 AM

Nah it's still there and shared.

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