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Question Bad Jaor dau pm ,pde;s//

Alright i got 7 girls and no waiting with the models i creaed, but I'm having a bit of a problem.. seems when they were translated over from 3D customgirl the bones on say the miku model doesn't line up with teh actual hair.(Nench the fact taht when miku tilts her had the physics don't move at all.. If you guys want I could try and send you a photoshot ofthe issue and thenI can go from there.. after all The mobes really don't line up on at least 3 or 4 of these short hair or pony tails so they're w2hat i call "Quesitonable.

So if anyoen has some insite, well Feel free to eithe rpM me or just tell me what is going on..

(and personally I wouldn't mind using the TDA models, at tleast they are woth the effort.. At least I think so..)

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