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Talking Time to Take it Off!

Well after all that, I am releasing this so anyone can use it So is it Editable? yes, Go for it, if you can make sometiing better, then let's see it all hang out!

Set up is farily easy.. Three differnt motions Final, Final 2, and Final 3.. and these are the different part of the show..

Final - Takes off the clothes (As frreas the facial sliders want you to take it.. After all Be creative..

Final 1 - The Pole Dance Scene.. and yes this requires a pole to dance around.. but hey you can find them.. or just PM me and i can actually do something like this and point you in the right direciton..

Final 3.. The final part where you can take the model totally nude if you want (if the model has the sliders to make them nude..

And of course.. The Camera Motion, Thiswas of my own design, and in fact if you want to create a differnt motion, go for it as well,

And let's not forget the music shall we? Already in wave and good to go!

After all this was a test for me, and If you want it, here it is, come and get it!

Oh and I did make backups.. Just in case..

so have fun, and get ready for any model to take it off!

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