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Hi folks!

It's time for a new weekly build! Some of the coolest and deadliest enemies yet make their debut, and there's an exciting new segment playable upon reaching the cove after returning from Mar'Liore.

New to the game? Try the public build at

Version 0.44 - 8/3/2018
  • Added Carlisse Showdown
  • Added new playable Marlan Segment
  • Fixed a couple of image overlay inconsistencies
  • Fixed a couple of BGS volume issues when transferring locations
  • Changed slip damage (poison, shred, burn, etc.) to allow knockout
  • Fixed an issue where weapon proficiency wasn't correctly showing in the status menu
  • Updated weapon proficiencies to add 0.3 accuracy and 0.2 crit per level
  • Revised Low Tide to steal slightly less MP than before
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