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Originally Posted by lewdmon View Post
Wow, rude, did you just assume my Miku?

I did actually mean Hatsune Miku and at the risk of becoming a kissass, I've long since memorised and applied your tip about MMD units - it's the fact that one can't be sure whether or not that 158cm official figure is from the base of the heel or not is what was bothering me. Especially considering Yu Higuchi or whatever is just some random bloke programmer who made MMD, and not whoever made her character at Cypton, so measuring the model packaged with mmd is of little benefit in clarifying. For the time being, I'm just going to keep optimistically assuming that's the nude measurement they've given and not have to change anything by a tiny amount.

QE, it's well worth it to keep learning Blender, it removes the trial and error and timesinking of pmxeditor for a lot of things once you get past the UI. What it doesn't really help with, are physics and morphs other than vertex morphs, which are more convenient to make, edit and preview in pmxeditor. If you wanted to separate the fingers, and they were already rigged to one bone, you could quite easily copy the group three times, remove the superfluous weights, add new finger bones, and rename them all to match. Be aware, though, that pose mode is not the same as edit mode for the armature. Edit mode is for editing the bones, pose mode will let you make the model stand funny. It's less than a five minute job when you're used to the UI, but in pmxeditor, it'd probably take god knows how long of work arounds and sacrifices to Yu Higuchi and the guy from crypton media responsible for measuring Hatsune Miku.
Well, you did say in an earlier post you were going to do Idolmaster edits, and this is the first time I've ever seen you working with a Vocaloid model :P

You could always refer to Kurauchi's Miku model since she and Haruka are the exact same height (158 cm). He made her just a TINY smidge taller than 158 (it's like 158.9 to the top middle of her hair), even controlling for the fact that she's wearing shoes, but she's pretty damn close.

Also at the risk of this turning into a circlejerk you've helped me with so many models I should be the one asskissing.
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