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Got the model complete as much as I wanted it. Thought I was gonna have a hard time figuring out the hair and the tail, when I found out more easier shortcuts in the editor menu compared to painfully doing it manually. I'm currently half-okay with leaving the fingers as they are, but I can get to that at some other point. The one thing that's bothering me however is the eyes. Since it's a 2D texture image, when you turn it to face a direction you can see behind it, being an empty gap of space if you rotate it too far. A simple temporary remedy I made was just make the two separate eye bones have move so I can adjust whenever possible by pulling it back a little bit and or when the occasion happens when the eyes will clip out of the head, but is there a way where I can limit how far the eye can turn so if it hits that point it won't exceed it and you won't have to notice the blank gap?
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