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I don't think you can limit bone rotation by anything other than joints and physics. Every model I've ever seen can flip its eyes 180 degrees. Usually what is done to solve this issue is:

(1) Have the mesh for each eye be separate from the white behind it. The white can then be given some concave curvature so that it wraps around forwards and encloses the eyes right up to the edge of the skin.

(2) Give the mesh of the eyes themselves some curvature; the middle should bend outwards and forwards (in other words it should be convex). Then the mesh won't look flat when the eye is turned.

(3) Depending on where the eye bones are positioned compared to the mesh, it will affect how much the eyes turn when the bones turn. This will fix the clipping out of the head when turned.

(4) Making a morph that moves the eyes backwards further into the head will give it the illusion that the eyes are always looking towards the camera.
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