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Originally Posted by lewdmon View Post
- Is there a rip of models from Azur Lane Crosswave yet?
Whether that's all of the characters, and all of the DLC, I don't know.

- A Gmod movie I saw a few years ago had a Kim Jong model in it and I could use it for the movie I'm currently making. Has anyone ever seen one for MMD?
I haven't, but here's Shinzo Abe, who's a deflated Kim Jong Un.
I already had the Abe model but thanks anyway.

I found a Sketchup model of him but I can't get it, because you have to sign in to get models there now, and I tried to use my Google account... but it demands I enter an extra security code even though I am using the same computer and browser that I always have because they think it's "unusual activity". And they insist on texting it to me, but my phone cannot receive text messages! Unbelievable. They're just as bad as Github.
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