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Well speaking of Github I managed to get myself re-registered so I'm downloading as much login shit as I can from Bowlroll, but I have to go all the way back to January and I'm barely to August. I've figured out nearly all the passwords I needed so far except this one:

The hint is

Which I believe translates to "the sword she has", but everything I tried didn't work and I couldn't find an exact match on the Oshiro wiki. It says hiragana 4 characters. Maybe it refers to a sword stored at the real castle, but I couldn't find anything on that either. The wiki says her default sword is "Hama no Tachi" (unsure on pronounciation, I can't find furigana for it)

破魔の太刀 (はまのたち)
But that's too many characters. Her special skill is "Kaihime"

甲斐姫 (かいひめ)
But that doesn't work either.
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