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So the reason I wanted to get back into Bowlroll was to get this Manami Kiba model from a Japanese editor. Looked under the hood to find out he made her like a foot too short (she's 172 cm, one of the tallest in the game) so I redid her body and fixed up a couple of messed things in her face. And did a new bikini texture, my first sad attempt at tiger striping. I can't redistribute her but it did make me decide I'll do my own version of her in my final set, which I wasn't planning on originally. Skin color from her game model, hair color from her card.

The other reason I'm posting is because I found a link on a forum to a set of script programs that can apparently get past Scamco's encryption and rip from Idolmaster 2. There's also a program that lets you re-encrypt and inject the changes you made back into the game save. I don't have an image of the game myself but I'd be happy to upload the scripts here for anyone who wants it.

The thing is, they are in .exe format... and since I don't have a game image I haven't been able to test them. Is this something that would be considered too risky to upload here?
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