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Originally Posted by newrdm View Post
so how are people doing group orgies?

EDIT: ah, think I understand. anyone with the mod can see other people with the mod.
Doesn't exactly work like that. The mod is client sided only, there is no connection to other mods with it. It replaces the models and textures that your own game loads, allowing you to see peoples characters naked, because those files are in your game client.

Other people can not see you naked if they do not have the mod, because they don't have the file replacements you have. If they have the mod, they can see you naked, but that means even if you don't have the mod.

Basically it's not a 2 way road. It's a 1 way road that has to be met by 2 players in the middle who are both using the mod with the same textures, to be able to see the exact same thing. The only way you can know if someone else is using the mod is if they either flat out tell you, or you figure out yourself through something like a screenshot from them.
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