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New Weekly & Alpha Releases: v0.82!

Hi everyone! It's been a busy week with a lot of in-game and out-of-game developments. We're in talks with a number of voice actors to record a prologue for us, and we're chipping away at a lot of different parts of chapter 8 which we hope you'll enjoy.

There's not a lot to say that the patch notes won't cover, but it's a fun build and we hope everyone enjoys.

Notice how they all start with "added" instead of "fixed," which is a REALLY nice change of pace.

New to the game? Try the public build or become a patron at!

Version 0.82 - 5-3-2019
  • Added new scene illustration (Mercy/Hallie pt. 3)
  • Added new NSFW scene (femdom, footjob)
  • Added Fogsborough (WIP)
  • Added northern mountain passages and east & west gates
  • Added a new, updated world map to replace the old one
  • Added new enemies to the mountain passages
  • Added ice puzzles to the game
  • Added new hidden treasures and cutscenes
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