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New Release: Version 0.84!

Hi everyone! Not a whole lot to talk about that isn't in the patch notes except to say we're plugging along and making good progress on Ch. 8, which will most likely be the largest chapter to date.

I also implemented an oft-requested feature in the form of a stat guide, now lootable from the very moment Mercy wakes up at the manor. If you miss it the first time around, you can also get it from Beatrix's office in the dorms.

Want to try Daughter of Essence? The public build is available at! Become a patron to access more builds!

See you next week!

- Nym

Version 0.84 - 5-17-2019
  • Finished up the Franz quest line & added the second Franz encounter
  • The book Mercy wakes up next to at the beginning of the game can now be read & looted, and contains information about all the stats (can be found later in Beatrix's room if you missed it at the beginning).
  • Gongo can be recruited to the cove as a sailor (along with his mom)
  • Added alternate routes to beginning the Franz quest
  • Added a new house interior to Fogsborough
  • Added many items to the Fogsborough maps
  • Added a variable to track optional major and minor tasks in Chapter 8. (You will be limited to a finite amount of major tasks before “time” runs out, so consider your options and split your saves!)
  • Added Fukuru and Franz to the cove
  • Expanded the scene library and added the nestmother & abigail scenes
  • Fixed some typos
  • Fixed fishing spots causing Orus to appear more than once, or else for Mercy to move at riding speeds with her normal sprite
  • Fixed a portrait issue on the ship in Mar'Liore
  • Fixed an issue where using the debug switch to enable all game scenes made Leite's scene turn into Bell's
  • Updated the Leviathan's attack animations
  • Updated some cove dialogue to reflect new members
  • Fixed the battle background in Franz's room
  • Adjusted the battle background in the frozen caverns
  • The replenishing fishing lure on the extended cove docks now has its own message instead of a message about smoothfins
  • Fixed DragonBones animated enemies having incorrectly defined sizes for being attacked/clicked on
  • When receiving the Emperor's Gloves from Meghan, they are now correctly titled thus
  • Added new clues about Kelsie's Revenge Quest
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