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New Release: v0.85!

Hi! This is a big release (for me, personally), because it fixes a number of major issues that have been plaguing development for months, and it opens up a lot of new options for me to experiment with improving combat.

ALSO, I'm very pleased to finally introduce the official voice actress for Mercy, who will be narrating a number of scenes throughout the game, starting with the prologue. Please welcome the very talented Dorn on board!

Beyond that, I've also added some new features this week: autosaves being chief among them (as an experiment), but also new keybind shortcuts in the form of B (for bag) and M (for map). No more digging through the inventory to find out where in the world you are anymore.

There has also been a bit of sprucing up of old maps, with places like Shiveworth getting a bit of a facelift.

Anyway, there's been a ton of little fixes and improvements, all of which are logged below. New alpha build next week!

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Until then.

Version 0.85 - 5-24-2019
  • Added some new, voice-acted lines at the end of the Shiveworth prologue, courtesy of Dorn!
  • Added Aklas's campsite & multiple different conversations and paths depending on your choices so far
  • Added Dietrich & Aklas to the cove
  • Beatrix's “Essence Flare” now counts as a physical attack
  • Spruced up the Shiveworth maps with new flower, grass and coral tiles
  • Implemented an autosave feature (temporarily, as a test)
  • Disabled the confirmation request when loading save files from the menu
  • Updated all of the attack animation sequences, adding more diversity to the attack types and making the blows feel more powerful and resolve more quickly
  • Added new hotkeys for opening up the item bag (B) and pulling up the travel map (M). NOTE: you'll have to reset the keyboard configuration back to default before these hotkeys work.
  • Fixed a bug where the new DragonBones plugin was causing humanoid enemy attack animations not to play correctly during attacks [FINALLY]
  • Fixed a bug where finishing up the Esterholt chapter and leaving fails to disable the “coat on” switch, which affects fishing spots
  • Claire no longer remains in the nunnery after it*s cleared out by Oldlight soldiers
  • In the debug room, rather than choosing a specific level, you can now increase or decrease Mercy and Orus's levels by increments (up to level 20)
  • Fixed a bug where a Fogsborough watchman can be body-blocked by Orus, causing a soft lock
  • Fixed a fishing spot in the Fogsborough cavern passage
  • Fixed some typos and text runoffs
  • Lowered system sound effect levels across the board
  • Overhauled Bell*s ship hull map for better pathing and clearer doorways
  • Fixed an issue where the opening splash screen plugin was known to cause frame drops (courtesy of Bluebooth)
  • Marlan has his own inventory now during the execution segment in Carvannah
  • Fixed an issue where Silas appeared in the Witchdale tavern even if you didn*t recruit him
  • Added new flower tiles to Mar'Liore
  • Fixed some issues where Orus was appearing twice in a scene or overlapping someone
  • Fixed a bug where talking to the bed in the White Rat and declining to sleep still progressed a quest in the journal
  • You can no longer enter the room in the White Rat without first talking to Cattie
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