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New Release! Version 0.87!

Hi everyone! The latest release is live and features a meaty little chunk of new content and some new areas and quests in progress.

Surprisingly, there haven't been any major gamebreaking issues reported since the last system implementations, so besides a few little tweaks here and there, I've been able to focus largely on writing new scenes instead of fixing mechanical problems!

With that said... I'll be taking a short vacation next week. I've been reaching peak burnout recently with the flurry of overtime hours and mad bug-fixing, and I haven't had a proper weekend since about this time last year. In fact, it's been about 50 straight builds in a row, which is kind of insane now that I think of it!

So I hope you'll understand while I try to recoup some of my brainpower and just try to get my mojo back in order. Chances are, I'll make it halfway through the week before I'm back on the grind.

New to the game? Become a patron or play the public build at

Thanks, everyone!

- Nym

Version 0.87 - 6-8-2019
  • Added Danforth Forest & bandit camp
  • Added new interiors and characters to Danforth Crook
  • Bandit quest and recruitment added
  • Marilea recruitment added
  • Fixed some instances of Orus standing on other NPCs (and sometimes Mercy)
  • Moon Elemental's “Moon Drop” skill changed to “Moon Sight” for continuity
  • Mercy now learns “Wound Essence” after sparring with Marlan instead of at level 3. Dialogue updated for continuity
  • Updated the stables scene for continuity
  • Added conditions to the DoT formulae to check current hp, so states no longer inflict the killing blow (this was causing strange behavior where enemies didn't count as defeated)
  • Updated a few lines in the Carvannah Mine for continuity
  • Fixed a transfer event on Bell's ship
  • Fixed a passability issue in the Carvannah noble district
  • Changed a number of outdated nameplates for continuity
  • Fixed the holding cell wall switch in the cove
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