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New Release: v0.89! French Toast Edition

Hi folks! Here's the new weekly build! A new alpha build is coming next Friday night with version 0.90. We're starting to creep up on version 100, which makes me wonder what kind of special event we should have to celebrate...

Want to try the public version or beome a patron? Visit

Version 0.89 - 6-28-2019
  • Added a new NSFW scene (Lactation, milking, breastfeeding)
  • Added a new cooking recipe: “Pan Dulcis” (French Toast)
  • “Physical” element has been separated into four elements to diversify enemy resistances: Striking, Piercing, Slashing and Crushing
  • Added new cliff tiles to a number of regions that allow the player to pass beneath
  • New hidden boss added to Grey Clarion
  • Birds of a Feather is now finishable, and Megaera can be brought to the cove
  • Marilea now appears in the cove if recruited
  • Colette is now recruitable, and a new medicine crafting station has been added to the cove
  • Added Eva's completion of the monument notations after 2 major event completions in Ch. 8
  • Moon returns to her normal operations at the alchemy station after 2 major event completions in Ch. 8
  • Fixed an issue where Gertrude's shop didn't correctly appear during a cutscene
  • Fixed some passability issues in Grey Clarion
  • Fixed a typo in Abner's journal
  • Fixed a line break tag in the quest journal
  • Made Carvannah signs unreadable while Mercy is blinded
  • The quest, “The Approaching Storm,” now explicitly mentions checking the library for clues, since a lot of people were getting stuck here
  • The dialogue on the combination statue changes after opening the chest
  • Fixed a typo in Beatrix's “Blinding Arrow” description
  • Fixed an issue where the blocker for the chicken pen reset after leaving
  • Added an extra produce item to Danforth Crook to ensure the quest was finishable
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