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New Release: Version 0.97 (Math Edition!)

Hi, everyone! It seems like a thousand years ago when I posted the new public release (last week), but maybe that's because I uploaded half a dozen different hotfixes between then and now!

Our latest public builds are available on both Windows and Mac, and if you have an aversion to MEGA for whatever reason, you can also find them on itch and GameJolt!

In addition to that, I've also updated the walkthrough for patrons to feature all content up through chapter 8!

And if THAT was enough to get your engines roaring, I also somehow found the time this week to create a massive new system for measuring every member of the cove's stats and their contributions to the upcoming battles based on how you choose to assign them. This is extremely time-consuming and laborious, but it's also important and kind of cool to see the results of.

Alas, the battle itself is still a work in progress, so you won't see that until a little later.

Want to play the public build or become a patron? Visit


Version 0.97 - 8-23-2019
  • Added a brand new stat system for every single character in the cove (you will be able to see each of their stats and assign them to a task in defending the cove) Added new chapter 9 dialogue to more members of the cove
  • Fixed an issue where Annie didn't show up in the cove after recruiting the bandits
  • Fixed a passability issue in the Fort Wilkes idol room
  • Fixed Gongo and Saul appearing in two places at once under certain conditions
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