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Hello guys, first post in this forum :) So I have a few questions regarding this mod, and browsing through the previous 100 page thread was a bit overwhelming.

As far as I understood, this mod exchanges the underwear textures. This means that whenever you see a character wearing underwear only, they appear as naked instead. So my first question is, what clothing/armor (if any at all) can be worn while keeping the mod functional? For example, just wearing shoes should be no problem, but wearing the default armor for Miqo'te females wouldn't result in them going panty-less, because the panties are part of the armor, right?

The second question is, can the mod be modified so that something else besides underwear is depicted as naked? It might be weird if other players see you play in your underwear all the time, so wouldn't it make more sense to overwrite some armor of your choice with this mod? Has anybody done that?

Last question and not really mod related: I saw a beautiful picture in the previous thread, which depicted the Miqo'te face with the darker nose, but it was coupled with the thin eyebrows. How is that possible? In my character creator, the face with the dark nose comes only in combination with thicker eyebrows and facial marks? Is there some "make-up" function in-game or is this a separate mod?
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