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Originally Posted by Curiosity View Post
Is there a resource for what different parts of the diffuse files actually are? I figured I'd ask first before committing to spending time making obvious changes to map the different parts only to find out it's already been done. Some seemed more or less obvious, others not so much, at least to me (I'm not exactly familiar with 3d models and textures).
Spoiler: show
1 is obviously the front view of the nipple, and the breast in general
2 seems to be the vulva and pubic area in general
3 is the butt. In one of the textures linked in PrettyKitty's installation thread this was shaded, which apparently lead to the buttcrack being more prominent
4 is the butthole, I think
5 I'm not entirely sure about.
6 I don't know, guessing sole?
7 feet and toes
8 and 9 I have no clue about. guessing maybe fingers or something?
10 clue. legs, arms and back are in there somewhere, I'm sure

As said, I'm not exactly a modder, I just sometimes brute force things in GIMP (the program, you pervs) and got curious about the possibilities here. Apologies for double posting, if that's frowned upon. I figured this would be the thread to ask, please correct me if I'm wrong.
1. Nipple/Breast
2. Vagina
3. That's the butt crack. The dead center of it.
4. Butthole
5. I believe that's the mouth. That's on the base game texture as well.
6. Bottom of the feet. You'll notice some races don't have this, such as Au Ra. I believe that was added in for the Midlander normal/diffuse due to Minfilia in one of the cutscenes being barefoot. The bottom of her feet actually look proper. I'm pretty positive that this can also be used for Highlanders/Roe's. They share the same diffuse texture as Midlander, just a separate file location. That might stretch to normalmap as well.
7. Toes/feet
8. I believe those are the finger tips.
9. Right where 9 is, is the back of the hand. The little protrusions I believe are the knuckles, and the sides wrap to the front of the hand.

I'd point out where the rest is but I'd have to create a visual for that, and I cant do that at the moment. You'll notice however that the texture only has 1 nipple. The texture only covers 1 half of the body. The game mirrors it to the other side, which is why that 1 edge area works as the butt crack.

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