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Originally Posted by lewdmon View Post
It doesn't look like you can buy a machine outright for a more closer inspection, either. Even the nips can only get them leased out. I think that was the case with the Love Live boxes, too. Probably little hope on the ripping front if they're not even going to leave Japan.

Nightingale's hair colour's off in the base version of that model, too. It's too vibrant. There's more things off than at first glance, like a Where's Wally picture.
That might have to do with the fact that they're constantly adding content and characters to the games, or it might not and they're just being super anal about it. I agree it isn't likely unless there's a home console release, I can think of lots of old arcade games that have had sprites ripped but not any that had ripped models. (OFC by the time models replaced sprites arcades weren't much of a thing any more.)

I also stuck spheres on her clothes, hair and skin as I, like many others, didn't like the baked-in reflections in the texture files. To truly complete the process requires shopping those reflections out of the texture which would be far more labor-intensive.

Also, to whoever it was back in the day who was looking for the Azusa boob-face creature, she's in a pack of creatures that was just released a week or so ago.
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