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New Release: v0.91!

Heya! The latest release features a couple of new areas (perhaps the nicest-looking areas to date!), as well as a handful of fixes and minor improvements.

Alpha patrons are also getting a hotfix, which does everything in the patch notes below except for add the new areas.

Most of this week went into tile editing and mapping, but I think it'll pay off. The new area is going to be really cool, and I'm excited to keep it going and wrap up chapter 8 soon.

New to the game or want to become a patron? Check out the patreon for the public build and more!

In the meantime, enjoy what's here and look forward to what's to come!

- Nym

Version 0.91 - 7-12-2019
  • Added Aster Valley! (WIP)
  • Added Aster Village! (WIP)
  • Added the first bath house suite!
  • Fixed a handful of portrait issues
  • The tents in Hawk's Keep are all now correctly illuminated
  • Added new items to the world
  • Added more upper-layer cliff tiles for better pathing and more natural visuals
  • Fixed the Dalkon & Brandis scene not correctly displaying the scene art because the screen was faded out
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