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Version 0.99: Spreadsheet Edition

Oh, hello.

I didn't see you there. Come on inside to version 0.99 of Daughter of Essence: Spreadsheet Edition.

You might be wondering: "spreadsheets?" What could this old boy mean by spreadsheets?

Well, since you're here, I'll tell ya. It means I have spent the past entire week staring at spreadsheets, trying to math out all the consequences for how you assigned every member of the cove in the Oldlight Siege. And let me tell you, friend.

I am very glad to be finished.

Next week: The Big Version 100! No more math, next week. Just the good stuff--you won't want to miss it, promise.

New to the game? Want to try the public build or become a patron? Visit

Version 0.99 - 9-13-2019
  • The Cove Siege results are now tallied up and rated from F to S+, and rewards (or penalties) are applied correspondingly (WIP)
  • Added “the bad end” #1 to the game!
  • Changed how stealing gold works: instead of stealing 100% of the target's gold, and that gold then not dropping after the fight, you steal 30% extra, and they still drop their full amount. Otherwise, stealing gold was only useful when you ran away from fights or lost (and there were virtually no instances where you could run away from people)
  • Fixed some more Beatrix portrait issues
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy's portrait was reverted to default if entering the renovated throne room for the first time while blindfolded
  • Fixed an issue where beating Franz before round 3 did not trip the flag where he runs, and added more HP to the first Franz fight to prevent this from happening in overleveled files
  • Fixed an issue where the cove defenses could disappear in chapter 7+
  • Fixed a passability issue in Grey Clarion
  • Meghan's dialogue if you haven't renovated the throne room was caught up to her dialogue if you had
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