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Originally Posted by Silvist View Post
Since this post was a huge help since I got back into the game, I figured I return the favor. I noticed some missing files here, like the original lowtech blu AF. I was a huge lowtech fan back when he was actually working on the files. So, due to not being able to find it uploaded anywhere, I had to whip out my super old external HD lol.

Imagine my suprise to see this image while looking through the files (NSFW):

Spoiler: show

Thankfully I was wise enough to back up most of xoops before it when down.

Sadly most of my files aren't translated, so it can be a bit to search through. If there's any files you guys can't find, let me know. I'll see if it happens to be laying around on my old HD :D That being said, here's the "original" lowtech blu AF :D

I am interested in other rare DATs on that super old drive of your's that might not appear on these forums. ^^ Also, please checkout my semi-recent DAT posts from the Japanese DAT site called FFXI Glass Replacement.
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