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The slaves at the thieves guild were originally created as "decoration" for the guild, since a slave trader seemed very fitting there. But since I added them to the game, there were a lot of people asking when you'll be able to buy or free them. And now it is finally time for them to shine. :) Sadly the CGs for their "good" path aren't done yet, but you can get their "evil" scenes by sending them to the brothel or into your secrect dungeon.

The content this update is solely those CG scenes, but I'm planning to put a more focus on story content and the main characters in the next few month. Which means you can look forward to more events in the next updates, to give you a break from the constant sex. :D

Update Content:
- New CG for Hellhound sex scene added
- Christmas event removed
- You can now buy the four slaves from the thieves guild either at the guild, or at the brothel if you set the law for to allow them.
- Slaves send to your secret dungeon can be raped.
- Slaves send to the brothel can be fucked hard (which are only slightly changed versions of the rape scenes.) and it'll become possible to fuck them gently at the brothel as well in the future.
- Slaves send to your castle will appear at the sleeping chambers in maid outfits. They say one or two lines to thank you, but else don't have any additional content on this path.
- Slaves freed or send to another country for better political relationship disappear for good. They can't be found anywhere or brought back.

(Uploads to MEGA and Mediafire will follow tomorrow)

Other stuff:
I asked about game merch in the last poll on patreon and gamejolt, which will likely become available in the next few weeks. I'll first put some more effort in designs to make something good, before ordering a single of each item I could imagine selling. If the quality of the print and the design looks good enough, I'll post images of them and further information about how to order them.
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