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Update 18.05.09 is now up for the Windows version and in the update files. MacOS and Linux version will follow.

The update contains:

- The second path for the events with the prince and the servant in the capital of Dorgania. There is a hidden switch above the events location, as shown in the screenshot above, which lets player reset the event. This is for the sake of people that did the first path for the event last update when there wasn't a choice, but want to see or prefer the other option.

- CG scenes for the good path of the slaves Chieko and Glyntris (white hair wolf girl and green hair elf with green wings). The scenes can be seen at the brothel or at your castle when they're your maids. The scenes at the castle require the secret room to be known to you, and for Glyntris you need to know about Ebron as well.


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