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Version 18.05.23 content:
- Guards in the castle of Kagabangui will now demand proof of your heritage before letting you to their king. You need to have the royal crown as proof.
- The king will have several options in his dialog including:
-> Domestic affairs - 3 dialogs about different topics, which can increase your relationship to Dorgania or increase/decrease it with other people based on your replies.
-> International affairs - 4 dialog options, including an option that will give you a quest after which the border between Central and Dorgania gets opened.
-> An open border will enable trade with Dorgania. This will also increase the relation with them.
-> Dialog options for the fragment mainquest and the quest with the vampire from Mike in Kagabangui become visible when you have the necessary quest. The fragments quest isn't continued yet, but the quest with the imprisoned vampire can now be finished.
- The queen gives you a quest to take care of deserters.
- Trading on the overview map with Amagal is also possible now. Though they are only examples at the moment. I plan to put some more work into this in the future and add trading with Begus as well. The trading should give more worth to resources and let you get some easier and faster.
- The relaxed or strict trading policy choice in the dialog with Theremis will affect the trades on the overview map with the other countries.
- Closed borders will prevent you from trading.

- Using recipe items in the inventory will now show you all recipes in it with the items you can craft and the resources needed for it.
- The Headmaid's blowjob scene can now be re-played by talking to her in the secret room.
- The walkthrough has been updated.
The new version is uploaded only as "Update files only .zip" for now. After the troubles with the last update, I decided to make uploads this way first and only upload the full versions one day later. Hopefully this will help to get some feedback additionally to the game tester, to prevent uploads of full versions with bugs. Thank you for your understanding.


Patreon news:
I decided to change the pledge goals to milestones that will unlock optional content for the game.
The first change to the patreon goals were made yesterday. You can now unlock an event and scene with the Queen of Begus at $400 (not part of the normal political meetings), Character CG and first encounter with Kayelinth' mother at $500, and a hellhound village at $800.
Once goals are met, they will be replaced by other goals from the list below. The necessary amount can vary.
Please note that in order to pass the goal, it's necessary for the required amount to be proceesed at the end of the month. Reaching it for a short moment in the middle of the month does nothing. Also, there are always a few declined pledges, those also don't add to the final amount.
Adding the content to the game can take a while, depending on my own plans and how quick I can get the necessary CGs from my artists.

Future content for pledge goals:
- More slaves with scenes (repetitive)
- Bellatrix scene (the evil woman in the prison of Begus)
- New elf village in Dorgania
- New Spite of Courage floors with unique boss monstergirls and scene (repetitive)
- Kayelinth mother sex scene
- Scenes with multiple girls (3 or more) (repetitive)
- Warmap female enemy leaders that can be captured
- Main girls dressing room. You can see the standing character of main characters and change parts of their clothes for within this screen. (repetitive - amount of girls and clothes will go up each month with this goal)
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