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This is not the Christmas update yet! I want to get another update done around Christmas with two special Christmas events. The previous Christmas scenes will also be unlocked again. :)

This update focuses mostly on the overview map and improves the resource gain and adds new features. Not everything is done yet but I think I made a good improvement to the system.

Changes in update 19.12.15:
- New research tree for the overview map.
- New buildings and production chains.
- Many buildings now cause upkeep. The upkeep is the amount of gold you need to spend for each turn you advance in the overview map. This is supposed to stop spamming the turn end button, especially for players that don't have much gold yet. (Obviously it won't stop people with millions....)
- After meeting the merchant Darude in front of the castle you get 1 offer each for selling or buying something, which changes each turn.
- Small chance of a fire each turn. Fire causes +300 gold upkeep until the damage has been repaired.
- The building cost reduction and mining speed are now research project and were removed from the skilltree. (You get the skillpoints back when you already had it).
- Costs of buildings and the amount they produce have changed.
- Work area near Aldlyn can be entered through the worldmap. It contains Akai's workshop. She can construct a new gun for Elly and sells gun attachments.
- "Gun attachments" added as a new equipment slot for Elly. The only one you can find outside of Akai's shop is at the snowruin where Elly brings you after you helped her during the first encounter with her. It's a target scope to increase hit and crit chance slightly.
- CG scene with Akai after you finish the construction of the special gun. You start it by selecting "Ask about Akai".
- Added the new screen for your vanguard units. You can enter it via the blue button below the tutorial, exit and turn end buttons. (The units on the overview map shouldn't be visible anymore)
- Added a message on the CG screen that will appear once to explain that you can trigger pregnancy when replaying scenes.

The random events for the newspaper, the equipment for vanguard units and the unit cap isn't done in this update and will be added later.

Other stuff:
- The update took longer than I wanted once again and didn't advance the parts that I wanted to focus on more. That's why my New Year's resolution is already clear. Get back to updates about every 2 weeks, finish the sex scenes for all main girls and finish all patreon stretch goal rewards. The rewards include the scenes for all elves in Orchel (CGs are almost all done by now) and a hellhound village which currently has 6 new hellhounds designed for and sex scenes are in the works.
- I have some CGs that got made over the years but are unlikely to be used anymore. That's why I thought it might be a good idea to reveal them on discord as a little treat over the holidays and get some feedback what you guys think about them.
- Another idea I had for Christmas was to make a little quiz on discord and give out Renryuu T-shirts as rewards. I'll anounce the time and day ahead of time once I know when I'll be able to do it. :D

The Renryuu discord can be found at

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