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New Release: Version 0.124!!!

Hey everyone! We're back again with a cool new release, featuring a surprise new WIP area I'm excited to share.

It's been a lot of work on sprites and tiles this week for the mapping, but I mostly like how it came out in the end and I'm excited to keep building on this area further, since it's interesting and reveals a lot of new lore.

We'll be back next week, so stay safe in the meantime, hunker down with Daughter of Essence, and for God's sake, wash your hands often and thoroughly.

New to the game or want to be a patron? The public build and patron rewards are at

Version 0.124 - 3-13-2020
  • Added a brand new dungeon area to the game (WIP)
  • Added several new mini-boss encounters to the game (WIP)
  • Added new lore segments to the game in the new dungeon area
  • Added a new cutscene to the cove
  • Added more characters to the final cove areas
  • Fixed an issue with an image overlay in the final cove area
  • Fixed an issue where Ralph could appear in the cove even if he wasn't recruited
  • Fixed an issue where Brandis could appear in the cove even if he had died in the siege
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