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New Weekly & Alpha v.0.125: The Breakening

Hi everyone, hope you're hanging in there and staying safe.

New to the game or want to access the newest builds? Visit to become a patron or download the public build.

I've got a big ol' sloppy patch for you that's going to need a lot of careful testing, so I hope some of y'all will come through for me.

The big project for this week has been preparing for a future html & mobile build, which has entailed a full overhaul for file naming conventions.

Thanks for playing, thanks for your patience, and we'll see you next week!

Version 0.125 - 3-20-2020
  • Added a new main boss encounter
  • Added new parameters to all enemy AIs, ensuring they will correctly attack when afflicted with Berserk or Enrage states
  • Disabled all sex toys in the mystery realm
  • Aded new cutscenes and story content
  • Skill cooldowns are now tick-based instead of turn-based (this should help improve enemy AI as well, but it's still experimental)
  • Fixed an issue where the Silas & Agatha scene image would not display in certain conditions
  • Fixed a tile issue in Seth's realm
  • Fixed an issue where Tafo's scene image would not display in certain conditions
  • Combed through the game and began the process of renaming files for browser/mobile pathing compatibility. Please report any issues this causes!
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy could descend into the Grey Clarion Grotto while riding Orus
  • Mercy can now correctly ride Orus at the Fort Wilkes gate
  • Fixed an issue where loading a game in some interior areas wouldn't correctly play the region*s BGM or BGS
  • Fixed a lighting issue when exiting the grotto in Mar'Liore
  • Fixed the Lion Beetle's AI
  • Giantslayer damage ticks now have an animation to make it more obvious
  • Absolution of the Sea now removes the states it was previously missing
  • Orus is now 75% resistant to Moon Poison
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