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Default Comiket C90 Doujins in August

As mentioned before
August 12,13,14 in 2016 is C90 in Japan

I plan to go there as it is only an hour 30min by train from my apartment, and will be picking up some stuff there.

Maybe I will get to see some FFXI/FFXIV doujin people in person :P

Although It seems gochou won't be there this year, same for hdkuc

Although I can scan manga's and such, shipping things is... "very costly" outside of Japan (shipping to me is cheap though wtf)

Example, shipping a box large enough for size 11 shoes to Japan costs $50, shipping said box back to America from Japan costs $280.

So, unless you are really desperate for something (say figurine) you would need to pay via paypal first. CD's and such I doubt have extreme price differences.

P.S. Oh yes, I am taking cosplay pics for sure
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