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The new version 17.03.17 is up!
- You can now torture Lace after capturing her. Her Health and Mind value regenerates over time, so the entire process will take a while and requires you to leave and come back later several times.
- Lace scene can be replayed from the prison in a slightly different version or in the original version from the CG selection screen. The CG of the scene has a total of 7 different versions.
- Kayelinth' hunger and playlust now increase over time while she is in your group. Hunger causes a 50% stat debuff if too high and can be decreased with Vegetables or Meat. Playlust makes Kayelinth auto-attack in battle once it's too high and requires the new present item Toys to decrease it or a new event, which is available at the sleeping chamber after the new event together with Chiyo. (Toys can be bought at Havaria port and Whitestone citadel.)
- A new event with Kayelinth and Chiyo will start when entering Chiyo's room with playlust over 80 and Chiyo's first scene already seen. (Obviously you also need both as party member)
- After the event of both girls together, Chiyo's second CG scene will be available by talking with her in her room with 70+ relationship.
- The Sara + Kunoichi scene has received a CG. The scene can be replayed in the cellar of Sara's house, even if you've already seen it. Afterwards it becomes available in the CG selection screen as well.
- New movementsystem for unit inside of the warmap.

In an attempt to bring the community of this game closer together, I made a forum and discord server. The chat in the discord server should make bugreports and solving problems faster, while you can post lengthy suggestions or exchange your thoughts on the game in the forum.

Download the newest version at:
-- Mediafire --
-- MEGA --
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