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Hey everyone, we pulled a late night last night to try and get the weekly build to a good stopping point, and BOY was it a monster.

Wrapping up Witchdale has meant creating 3 different sequences for the conclusion and between 2-4 different sets of conversations for each member of the crew back on your ship, depending on the chosen routes.

It's been hard work, and I'm sorry to say the chapter still isn't 100% finished (although you do technically finish up with Witchdale itself). I'd say I've grinded out probably 95% of it. It's pretty much guaranteed to be finished before the next weekly release (which MAY come early?)

A lot of stuff didn't make the cut this week just for lack of time, including a new sex scene and 2 different pieces of art for already-existing sex scenes. I expect not only these to make it in by next week, but also ANOTHER scene that I've had sitting on my hard drive for a while (just needed to be back in the cove to make it happen).

Remember the public version is available for everyone to try! You can download it at:

March is looking to be a big month! Here are the patch notes:

Version 0.22 - 2/26/2018
  • Added new inn room areas
  • Added a new passage connecting Witchdale and the caverns
  • Added three different branching paths for Witchdale*s resolution
  • Withdrawal route
  • Direct Confrontation route
  • Peacekeeper Alliance route
  • Added The Van Ritter and crew encounters
  • Added the return voyage and all new crew members to the ship
  • Improved all cooked meat recovery values across the board:
  • Roasted Smoothfin: 70 + 10% -> 100 + 10%
  • Roasted Hogfish: 150 + 20% -> 200 + 20%
  • Roasted Flank: 200 + 30% -> 300 + 30%
  • Hufferpuffer Pie: 250 + 50% -> 400 + 40%
  • Roasted Toothtube Fin: 300 + 40% -> 500 + 50%
  • Changed mushroom recovery value (175 + 7% -> 20%)
  • Changed some dialogue in Carvannah for clarity
  • Fixed a sequence break in the Carvannah aqueducts (visiting crows hideout before encountering crows)
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