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Hello, everyone! We got the latest build up last night, and as promised, we continued with the base-building upgrades and systems. I managed to get a LOT more done this week than projected, which means we're all ready to start the next chapter!

We made huge strides forward with the essence station upgrades and added tons of new content for character builds: new weapon skills, new spells, runes, potions, even an all-new station.

Another feature that I'm really excited about is a MUCH more informative equipment change scene, so you really how your stats are changing when you swap gear.

This has been one of the biggest patches yet, but a lot of it will boil down to your cove upgrade choices so far. We hope you enjoy.

Version 0.25 - 3/16/2018

- Added a new feature to show stat comparisons when changing gear in MUCH greater detail!
- Added Wulfhilde*s night essence workshop!
-- Added 2 new night essence toys & accompanying written NSFW scenes
- Added a new level 12 skill for all 3 Orus classes
- Added the 3rd tier for the moon essence training station
-- New skill scroll available for each weapon type!
- Added 3rd tier for earth essence inscription station
-- New spell scroll available for each element!
- Added 3rd tier for sun essence forge station
-- 10 new craftable runes!
- Added 3rd tier for sea essence alchemy station
-- 3 new powerful potions!
- Added a brand new residential area to the cove for the second excavation tier! (Still under construction)
- Added another cavern extension off the residential area with an optional boss fight
- Changed tier 2 potion costs (secondary ingredient now requires unrefined essence, not refined, making them less expensive overall)
- Fixed an issue where bruiseweed potions didn*t appear in alchemy stations that had been upgraded
- Fixed an issue where the alchemy station didn*t properly calculate your night essence if you had NOT upgraded
- Fixed some item description typos
- Significantly reduced the point value of MP, meaning MP bonuses from gear are more drastic
- The voyage back from Witchdale now requires Mercy talk to her new recruits before the time-lapse
- Added all the new recruits to the cove
- Rebalanced a number of skills, changing some damage formulae and some MP costs
- Revised all gold-find locations to scale better with luck at low levels
- Fixed a tile issue in the cove (disappearing carrots)
- Added new collapse effect to elemental bosses
- Modified some item plunder rates
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