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Hi folks, got another juicy weekly build wrapped up for you last night, bringing us to version 27. It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that it's been 27 releases already, but here we are.

The newest chapter, Esterholt, is going to be new territory for me (but not for Audrey), branching slightly into the realms of horror. That said, I'm excited to step outside my comfort zone and try new things. After all, that's sort of a major theme here in Daughter of Essence...

All our downloads (including the free, public build) and information are here:

You can see the patch notes here:

Version 0.27 - 3/30/2018
  • Added Esterholt coat portraits
  • Added new NSFW scene (M/F, S&M, written)
  • Added a short cutscene on arrival to Esterholt
  • Populated Esterholt with new NPCs
  • Continued developing Esterholt map
  • Added Western Esterholt area
  • Added Eastern Esterholt area
  • Added Esterholt Manor 1st Floor
  • Added Esterholt Manor Basement
  • Added Esterholt Manor 2nd Floor (WIP)
  • Added buried treasure to Esterholt
  • Added lots of hidden items to Esterholt
  • Fixed a tile passability issue in Esterholt
  • Added several new weapons to the Esterholt weaponsmith
  • Revised Mercy's cold weather sprite
  • Revised Mercy's cold weather battler
  • Revised Mercy's normal battler
  • Fixed an issue where Dietrich would show up after confronting Van Ritter in Witchdale even if you never recruited him from Carvannah
  • Fixed a portrait issue with the Witchdale pirate crew
  • Revised Orus's portrait

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