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Yesterdays update had a little issue, where a missing 1 in the code made the event with Glyntris impossible to trigger. I re-uploaded the windows version and the update files with a fix to take care of the issue.
If you downloaded the update yesterday, you can use the update files to fix it without having to re-download the entire game again.

The Mac, Linux and the browser versions are not updated yet, as I had to re-uploaded the fixed versions on all places today. They'll follow now.

In order to ensure the public release will be as bug free as possible from now on, I'm currently considering several steps.
- I used to have a "game tester room", from which players could get immediately to the new events. In this case, it worked when the event was played this way but not in the normal way. That's why I won't use this option anymore.
- I'll make a post later to recruit for new game tester.
To be a game tester you need to have either Skype or Discord, to join the game tester groups there. Usually when I post the test versions there, I need at least a few people to give their feedback in ~24h. Therefore it's not necessary to be online a lot or for a very long time, just a bit every day is enough in order to see when I post the test version.
- I'm considering to make the uploads "Update files" only at first, and then upload the full version a while later when I received further feedback. This'll make it easier for myself, as uploading all different versions to several places takes almost 2 days.

Also, I'm having issues with mediafire again. Most likely will I stop uploading there and rely on HiDrive and MEGA for those uploads.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.
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