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Update 18.06.06 content:

- Two new events with Tsubaki. Requires 100 relationship with her and previous events done. Starts at the sleeping chambers by talking to her.

- Continuation of the main story line when talking with the King of Dorgania about the fragments. There are two new quests at the end that can't be done yet, but there is a clear message when you reach the current end of the content. The missing content and continuation of the main events will be added within the next few weeks.

- New village Siriveta in Dorgania. Has a dungeon with a lot of enemy types that can captured, to make sure you'll definitely have enough at your monsterhall. :D And farmable iron, coal and mithril ore.

- Siriveta also has a general store with some items that are otherwise hard to find or scattered around too many different places. This is supposed to make things easier for players that have advanced the story far enough to be in Dorgania.

- A trading option is now on Calterburry at the overview map, to trade hops for beer. This fixes my mistake of forgetting to add a brewery to do this in your own country. ^^

- Characters that aren't unlocked yet at the CG room have a hint button now, which will tell you the location for the start of the event

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