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Hi everyone,

As promised, the latest weekly build is live and features the fully implemented quest journal system.

This has been a feature requested since the very beginning, and I'd always meant to get around to it, but I'd always prioritized other work since it wasn't very exciting to look at (or work on).

But, enough was enough, and I spent most of the week grinding to get it out the way. I'm happy to announce that it's finished, and I can now move on to more exciting things!

New to the game? Try it out by downloading it at

Version 0.37 - 6/8/2018
  • Implemented a full quest journal system
  • Added Mar'Liore Mill (WIP)
  • Added Mar'Liore Pub (WIP)
  • Fixed an issue where Vincent will give Mercy a 2nd fishing rod if she has upgraded hers already
  • Fixed an issue where Mercy didn't recover when first boarding Bell's ship
  • Made some waterfall tile edits
  • Fixed a number of typos
  • Fixed an issue where the cutscene doesn't play upon first entering Mar*Liore
  • Fixed an issue where you could sell stuff to fires
  • Fixed an issue where Luca thought she was still in Witchdale
  • Fixed an issue where Stephen says “cheers” before giving you a drink
  • Fixed an issue where Mar'Liore overlays persisted on the world map
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