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Update 19.07.24 is now available! :)


11 new CG scenes for the following monstergirls:
Whisperwind farm - Grey Imp, Red Imp, Ice Alraune
Monsterhall - Green Alraune, Anubis, Strong Mummy, Red, Pink and Black Salamander
Big Farm in Central - Big Harpy, Tall Spidergirl
[The only monstergirls without a scene yet are the weak mummy, raijuu, cowgirl and water lamia.]

Changed Kayelinth' hunger/playlust system. She won't get a debuff anymore and instead gets a buff when you used toys or vegetables to get the value low enough. The buff stays for 50 steps.

New events with Chiyo starting at the sleeping chambers. It requires Chiyo to be level 25+ and that you have constructed the big farm in Central from the overview map. (The farm where you can release monstergirls)
The events will bring you to a new dungeon and unlock several new CGs.

Fixed the bug from the last update where Libelle's event at the blacksmith would re-play whenever you entered the blacksmith again afterwards.

The upload on Hi-Drive will still take a while, but all versions are ready at MEGA:!CpQXwBDS!wwZlWRrPWoGzZX5h0-MlRQ
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