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The first update for 2020 is now available!

Sadly the CGs for the custom girl from the Christmas update aren't done yet, so she'll have to wait for next update. But at least I could advance my goal of giving all main characters sex scenes by adding Sandra to the impregnation candidates.

Update changes:

- Mira now gets a stronger healing spell at level 30 and a stronger group healing spell at level 40 after she became a blessed angel. If she's already past these levels entering the CG room will "fix" the issue.

- Grime has a new event, which starts at the sleeping chambers when you had the first dialog with Akai at the work area, and have entered the Amaranthe beach at least once. Afterwards her good path CG scnee and impregnation is available from the CG room or by talking to the headmaid to ask her to bring Grime to your secret bedroom.

- Sandra has new events. After finishing her previous events, including the gambling scene at the Newkungu casino, and obtaining both the mithril lock pick and mithril pickaxe, a new dialog will start at the sleeping chamber. After finishing the quest with Bob talk with Sandra again at the sleeping chamber for a follow-up quest, which will bring you to an optional haunted house full of riddles.
The haunted house is optional and doesn't need to be finished to get Sandra's new scene, but finishing it will change Sandra's class and give her a few new skills. (The solution for all riddles in the haunted house are in the walkthrough)
To trigger Sandra's new scene talk with her again at the sleeping chambers after she has given you the quest to return to Glen after Bob's events.

- The android version should now display the proper image and name of the app, instead of "RPG Maker".

--- Downloads ---

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