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- Akai got a new event. It's a short scene that start when you talk with her at the workshop after having her first scene and when you were at the beach at Amaranthe before. (This requirement was taken away from Grime's event with Akai. I originally wanted to combine them, but that would mean you only get the scene for Akai when Grime is on her good path, so I changed it.)
- Kurohime got new CGs for her first and third scene (both sex scenes). The second scene, the blowjob, has not been changed but due to the huge difference in art quality, I'll probably replace it later as well. Her first scene got slightly adjusted to fit the CGs better.
- New CG for the earthspirit sex scene in the forest near Ebron. [The CG remakes can be seen at the CG room!]
- The cowgirl Maxine appears at the Whisperwind farm after you've captured and released at least 3 cowgirls. She only has a short dialog so far.
- The book next to your bed now has the option to reset Irinlia's events (the Millwater murder case). The option for a "good path" was added to the end of these events, which happens when you give her to the soldiers rather than throwing her into your dungeon to rape her. Currently this only brings her to the Ironholm prison, but I want to add more "good path" events for her later. Also, Tsubaki's wound during the event with Irinlia isn't permanent anymore. Instead it's a debuff that reduces her max health until you removed it, for example by sleeping.
- The player now has the option not to rape Moriko during the chase of a criminal with her. (There is no reset for her events, as they don't change the outcome). The choice, whether to rape her or not, at the end of the chase now determines whether you leave her on the good or bad path. It's not possible to rape her anymore after making the choice to let her be.
- The CG scene for the custom girl of last years Christmas special is now done! Enjoy having fun with the girl of your dreams~
- I made a new system to save the party formation whenever the party is split, for example at the bathhouse. I had to manually apply it everywhere, so hopefully I haven't forgotten any places. :D
- I added a kiss during the dialog with Sandra before her first time events.
- Fixed some bugs, including problems with the butcher and research on the overview map.
- Fixed spelling mistakes.

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