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New Release: The Fixening (v0.126)

Well, I survived the dreaded corona.

Thanks to everyone for the patience and support--I didn't get bad enough to go to the hospital, but I was pretty out of commission for a week and change. Fortunately, I'm feeling better and was able to get some important work done this week, finally wrapping up all the behind-the-scenes math and tallying for the siege outcome.

It was tricky, because the siege is a surprisingly complex system:

First, it tallies up your unit scores, which are decided both by your choices of unit composition, any upgrades they had, and any reinforcements you give them.

Then, it tallies up Oldlight's unit scores in opposition to your own. This is decided by all manner of different variables and choices made throughout the game, so it's not just a fixed value.

And lastly, it pits all these opposing values against each other in a fairly sophisticated way, with a lot of different scores spilling over into different categories as reinforcements or gaps in defense, etc.

The final effort has been measuring the degrees of success or failure for these values and determining what that means for the final result: who lives, who dies, whether you win or lose, and how good or bad things turn out for everyone in the end.

I'm doing a ton of work on making it feel dynamic, because it's the culmination of years of planning and preparation not just from me, but also for anyone following along with the story expecting some sort of payout for their choices.

Anyway, one week at a time! Thanks again, and see you next week!

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Version 0.126 - 4-3-2020
  • Finished tallying Oldlight's total force strength based on choices made up til now
  • Pitted yours and Oldlight's scores together for the final battle results (WIP)
  • Added the post-siege battlefield maps (WIP)
  • Slightly tweaked some cove residents' stats for better aptitude for at least one task
  • Fixed a file reference issue in the Carvannah Aqueducts
  • Implemented a new system to track which residents of the cove fall during the siege based on their resilience and the final tallies of the unit to which they were assigned.
  • Made a change to the extra reinforcements to the main force so that they are correctly tracked in the battle's aftermath (this change won't take effect for saves past the unit selection portion, meaning some residents could inadvertently dodge death).
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