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- New event with Vampire and the Wind Spirit. It's starts in the top left corner of Aldlyn when the main story events and Vampire's events are advanced far enough.
- Added the solo CG scenes for the hellhounds Xyani and Liu.

- New skilltree pages replace the old skilltree, and can be accessed from the menu, same as before.
- Each party member received a unique skilltree page, which adds about 100 new skills into the game.
- The old skills and points you've invested remain, on the pages of different party members.
- All skills can be reset to regain the skillpoints now.

Feedback about the new skilltree system would be highly appreciated. Mostly about the balancing, if some skills are overpowered or not worth the skillpoints, and if the new skills made you change your previous party formation.
Since I got asked a lot about how to get to the hellhound village after the last two updates, I thought it might be best to explain it again: You need to get the wyvern Leneth pregnant to have a chance to meet Hellhound in a maid uniform in your secret bedroom. The trigger for this is a randomly generated number and can be re-rolled by using the teleport stone. After the scene with Hellhound in the maid uniform, you can find her in the volcano in Amagal in front of a hole in the wall which leads to the hellhound village. In order to enter the volcano, you need to advance Vampire's events.

For the next few days I plan to bring the walkthrough up to date and take care of reported spelling mistakes, which have been piling up a bit. ^^"

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