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Originally Posted by MMDisaster View Post
Well, you did say in an earlier post you were going to do Idolmaster edits, and this is the first time I've ever seen you working with a Vocaloid model :P
I did, and I still intend to do so eventually. Honestly, though, I barely care about the height trivia, I just felt uneasy at having to discuss MMD in devianrtart or elsewhere and suddenly felt as though I just had to say something to keep the thread bumped. As for Kurauchi's Miku, it's the same problem - how would he know the truth? He made a stylised MMD model, but he hasn't the real numbers. I could take that as the height, or I could measure the older official drawings and work it out there, but it's a lot of fuss over a few centimeters, and I don't really think, despite what I said yesterday, that anyone is going to notice it. Even if two characters are off slightly, it's not going to be as though a 6 foot 1 character and a 6 foot 2 character look as disparate as 4 foot 1 manlet and 6 foot 4 turbochad of chads pair. An error range of 1~2% (zettai heelouki?) is not going to lose me any sleep, although it would be nice to have true and unambiguous measurements. We've had a similar conversation here before, I'm sure, about sources of height being all over the place.

Originally Posted by MMDisaster View Post
Also at the risk of this turning into a circlejerk you've helped me with so many models I should be the one asskissing.
You're too kind, it's been like a year since I've done anything proper MMD here.

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