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Originally Posted by guthix View Post
most if my motion work tends to revolve around the camera, did a few shity loops and motion splices, but didn't use the curve.

weather to use the curve is very conditional. for example slow motion pretty much don't need it. repetitive motions like walking could use the same curve, but more complex motions should have a dynamic one. its sort of like facials for body language, which in itself requires some research, so if you're just starting out, you may skip it for now.

i've also read some tutorial that you can use the curve to make circular motions. for example if you wanted a model to gesture a circle in front of it, you'd need over a dozen arm positions, but with the curve it was like 2, or something like that.
I'll most likely end up ignoring it. Feels like more of a cinematic purpose. I never use camera frames personally for the fact that I like the free roam camera to look at every possible angle on the fly rather than having to rely on the frames. Again, feels like a cinematic purpose. I did look up a tutorial video while browsing about how to do curves, and it was nice, but I wouldn't be using it. I can't get myself motivated to make a cinematic motion for some reason, but when I want to make a motion for my fetish tastes, I can go all in and work on it until it's done and make revisions or even start it over from scratch just to make it better. But, yeah. Won't be needing those curves. At least for now.
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