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Originally Posted by Morgion View Post
Couple questions.

1: I noticed a 'sien' posting on pixiv lately. I'm 50/50 on if this is the same sien who made mmd hentai videos before. But assuming it is, didn't they have some kind adownload cloud blog site or something? They don't refer to it on their pixiv account and I lost it. I'm hoping they are sharing their content on pixiv (well mostly just 1 model so far but still).

2: I USED to have the cloud download page thing for the creator of this:

But I lost it when my ssd died (My browser isn't even on that drive, but apparently my bookmarks were saved on it? gah). Anyone know it? looks like he FINALLY finished that model (been waiting for it for over a year!)
link to this "sien"?

is this the one? 1dyCW5fWIgHDvzlAh7ywMdA46i3 I don't know what cloud storage he uses, all his other links were in
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