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Originally Posted by kitkat View Post
The government getting involved with medical the way it is. Trump on a crusade to stop all opiate abuse is being done in such a knee-jerk reaction of a way it is actually harming more than it is intended to help.

Having someone in my family who has to live with constant debilitating pain only to have the doctor tell them they have to come off of it in less than two months is harsh. This is especially true when the doctor is put in such a position that instead of continuing with medicine they are quitting the profession over this. A pain specialist being forced to pull hundreds of patients off their pain meds and try to figure out how best to help them otherwise just because the government tells them to, not because it is a medical decision to for the benefit of the patient.

I just don't get how someone can say they understand chronic pain without a medical degree and that other than a small handful of reasons all opiate medications should be very temporary. I guess he has never had to watch someone suffer with debilitating pain; hear in their voice when they are on the brink of crying due to the amount of pain they are in and exhaustion they feel due to being unable to sleep because of the pain......
I think the only thing that would open his eyes would be to experience everything himself.But as we all know, he's a madman that claims he knows better and has a very healthy dick (with no proof whatsoever). Glad I live in Canada. His stupidity mostly reaches our news only. Maybe you should apply for immigration with your familly?
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