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Hey guys. I wanted to ask a question on animating and some other junk. So, if I want to say, do a motion where I want a certain part of clothing, like a dress to be moved as if physically by the person's hand, is it possible to do that? What I want to be able to do is be able to move certain bones on a cloth while the rest of the cloth remains with physics on.

Secondly, does anyone have the new models that hibari536 has out? (Ah, models behind a paywall... mmh.) Just wondering if anyone had, it's fine if you don't.

Third off, I think I remember passing by a post on twitter about Mikoto Moonfox/Foxtail Company possibly thinking about redistributing their models again? Unsure. Found an excerpt line of this on blog.psocafe

Finally, a modeler A Goat ( had put up safety measures on their models, and I'm wondering if I have to ask them personally to get the new models now. Because, their readme doesn't disclose a pass hint.

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